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Cake Maker, Cookie Connoisseur, and Kitchen Mess Maker

Ampersand Bakery operates as a cottage food business, which is governed under Michigan's Cottage Food Law. The Cottage Food Law allows bakers and other food producers to sell food items without a license so long as the food producer complies with handling, labeling, and sales requirements of the Law. 

Image by Olga Tutunaru

Some years and many cookies ago, I started baking as a way to connect with others and, most importantly, to reconnect with myself. For me, sharing something I've baked is like sharing some part of myself; the part that wants to make people feel comfort, excitement, or joy though flavor. Simple recipes morphed into grand ideas with flavor combinations that made some think twice, but always ending up taking two. Ghost pepper carrot cake, anyone?


Baking reawakened an old dream I had: to own my own bakery. Requests turned into orders and orders doubled, and somewhere in the midst of all of that, Ampersand was born.

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